Understanding the world

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Understanding the world

The Age of AI has begun

In 2016, after a few months of the RecastAi adventure, I wrote this article (original version in French here).

Over time, the vision has become clearer and the technologies have grown. NLP, TAL, GPT, whatever the acronym, "The Age of AI has begun," as Bill Gates indicates in his latest post.

Recast.AI is based on an idea that may be intriguing at first: allowing humans to communicate limitlessly with machines. In reality, this ambition can only be understood in the light of our true ambition: understanding the world. A world that has gone from 2 to 7 billion individuals in just one century. A world in which we exchange and communicate more and more, to the point where conversation itself becomes the ultimate interface and supplants traditional applications: the major instant messaging applications have already surpassed the largest social networks in terms of users!

More than ever, understanding language has become the main challenge of the new era unfolding before our eyes. Understanding ideas, wishes, exchanges, but also facilitating their sharing and dissemination. The artificial intelligence of Recast.AI is first and foremost collective and collaborative: let's share! Every time we teach it something, it benefits everyone.

After only 10 months, we are very proud of the progress we have made, but we want to go much further. The millions of developers, businesses, states, and associations have everything to gain from artificial intelligence and its possibilities. Not everyone has realized this yet, but some have already jumped on the bandwagon and are building with us the uses of the future: at Recast.AI, we have laid the foundations that will enable existing applications to be given conversational superpowers, by designing bots, or conversational agents, that combine machine learning and automated language processing.

With the same goal as always: to better understand the world to improve the user experience. The project is in full development and we are currently more than 10 people taking on the challenge. With a first fundraising of one million euros and encouraged by the prizes received at the Viva Technology exhibition, we now want to think big.

To go further and shift into high gear, we want to strengthen our management as well as our technical team: Business Development, CTO, COO, talented developers, data scientists, machine learning and NLP (Natural Language Processing) specialists. Are you an entrepreneur at heart? Are you not afraid of challenges? Do you want to build the uses of tomorrow?