How to make your startup known: 8 tips to stand out in the entrepreneurial world

8 tips to make your startup stand out: Define personas, create captivating content, conquer social networks, attend events, collaborate with influencers.

How to make your startup known: 8 tips to stand out in the entrepreneurial world
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Practical advice for a successful startup launch and to stand out - Entrepreneurial Insights #6

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The Startup Rocket Launch

Imagine the world of startups as a distant galaxy, full of shining stars seeking notoriety to stand out from the rest. The journey can be difficult, but with good advice, your startup can shine and attract the attention of the Investor planet, conquer the lands of the Customers, and forge alliances with the Partner peoples.

Meet the Personas: the odyssey of the target audience

Do you remember Jean, the ice cream seller? He understood that to please his customers, he had to know their tastes and preferences. So, he created "personas": typical profiles of potential customers. Through these personas, he discovered that children love brightly colored ice cream, while parents prefer original flavors. He adapted his communication accordingly and was able to touch the hearts (and taste buds) of his customers. Weloop adopted the same strategy to address its market by precisely targeting the different personas of IT Departments.

The art of storytelling: the content strategy

Startups like Beamap and RecastAI understood the importance of content creation. Beamap based its communication on a blog (almost 400 articles!), while RecastAI developed a content strategy on best practices and participated in many meetups in Paris (thanks again to PE and Justine ;)). Ponicode also set up a blog to talk about its story and interests. We can also mention Tamara (Calm), the coach of a meditation application, who shares inspiring stories and practical advice to attract the attention of your target audience.

Social adventures: conquering networks

Paul, the creator of an eco-friendly clothing brand (, understood the importance of social networks to make himself known. He chose Facebook and Instagram to share his creations and developed a strong visual identity to stand out. This seduced the target audience, and subscribers are delighted, and notoriety quickly exploded. For a B2B startup, LinkedIn is an essential tool to address the professional market.

Touring events: networking in action

Beamap and RecastAI have relied on their presence at events to strengthen their notoriety. Beamap participated in the CRIP (Seminar for IT Directors, Beamap's target), while RecastAI chose to attend competitions like VivaTech, where we won a prize with great visibility. Personal advice: choose events where you can win ;) Indeed, victory rallies opinion to your startup ;) RecastAI is an example where we did our best to gather prizes and increase the company's notoriety.

Influencers, these web superheroes

Tediber, a French startup specializing in online mattress sales, has also successfully leveraged influencers to increase its notoriety. To promote its products, Tediber collaborated with relevant influencers, such as Marie Lopez (aka EnjoyPhoenix). These collaborations allowed Tediber to reach a wider audience interested in wellness and decoration themes, which perfectly corresponds to the brand's target. Thanks to this partnership, the startup benefited from increased visibility and strengthened its position in the online mattress market.

The superpowers of automation marketing and SEO

Jasmine, the founder of an online shop for artisanal products (, used automation marketing to send personalized emails to her customers. She also optimized her website for SEO by working on keywords and the quality of her blog articles. Thanks to these actions, Jasmine saw her traffic increase, and her online shop gained popularity.

Word-of-mouth and public relations: the knights of notoriety

Ponicode, the platform for creating your unit tests, initially relied on word-of-mouth to make itself known. We organized Meetups to present the ecosystem and not just our project. This encouraged participants to talk about the solution to their acquaintances. At the same time, we developed relationships with the media with the help of Natacha Heurtault (Earlycom) to obtain media coverage. The result? Growing notoriety and enthusiasm for our product!

Results analysis: BlaBlaCar's success

BlaBlaCar, the famous French carpooling startup, is an example to follow in terms of results analysis. From the beginning, BlaBlaCar set up relevant key performance indicators (KPIs), such as the number of active users, the satisfaction rate of members, and the filling rate of proposed routes. By collecting and analyzing this data, the startup was able to adjust its strategy and constantly improve its service to meet the expectations of its users. Thanks to this approach, BlaBlaCar has become an essential leader in carpooling in France and internationally.

In conclusion

Boldness and creativity, drivers of entrepreneurial success, to conquer the Startup galaxy, it is essential not to rely on conventional approaches and to dare to take less traveled paths. As an entrepreneur, you must show audacity and creativity to attract attention to your project. As the examples above show, it is important to speak, share, and tell captivating stories to arouse the interest of your target audience. Whether by defining personas, creating attractive content, using social networks, participating in events, collaborating with influencers, leveraging automation marketing and SEO, relying on word-of-mouth and public relations, or analyzing the results of your marketing actions, ingenuity and innovation are your best allies to stand out. So don't hesitate to explore new approaches to make your startup shine in the entrepreneurial universe. The key to success lies in patience, perseverance, and the ability to push boundaries. Ready to conquer the Startup space with audacity and creativity?

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